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Kayaking on the Edge of Empires A 10 Day Croatian Kayak Journey
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Ice Bears and Islands

WWA Co Founder Jaime Sharp is part of a team this summer attempting to be the first to Kayak around all of Svalbard Archipelago in Norway
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Traveling by Bus from Belize City to Cancun

Here is the info from my recent trip from Belize to Cancun on the ADO system. This bus ride enabled me to save some $350 USD plus on flights. I arrived at the Belize city bus terminal at 3pm, too make sure i got a ticket and I sat with my bags under the ADO sign and watched the colourful coming and goings. Other people started arriving at 5pm. I was told ticket sales would be at 5 when I looked on
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Chapul Cricket Bars on TEDx

Here is a great talk given by a good friend of ours Pat, about his great new product and drive to make food sustainable and help protect and conserve our waters and world for everyone’s enjoyment. So grab a coffee and a snack and sit down and learn something that may be completely new to you. “I am well aware that a 2 degree rise in temperatures has not been seen on this planet in 10,0
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Namibia Update: WWA is Proud to Introduce Gordon Ross as our Guest Photographic Tour Leader for our 2014 Trips

    I’ve been taking pictures for over 30 years now and I’m still as inspired as I ever was to take photographs  In an age when we tend to pick things up, try them for a while, and then move on, I feel extremely fortunate to have a profession that I am still deeply passionate about all these years later. The great thing about photography is that every shoot is different and that means th
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