Our Promise

World Wild Adventures Ltd Promises that you, as our guest, are gaining access to the most beautiful locations, unique itineraries and outstanding expert trip leaders, Instructors and local guides, while traveling in a sustainable and beneficial way for all involved. We are constantly looking to improve and to stay an industry leader in adventure tourism through excellence of customer service, commitment to sustainability and conservation, and innovation in adventure travel.

We want you to know that if you travel with World Wild Adventures we are making sure that you will have one of the best trips of your life (and we hope to help you have many more). We will not sell you onto a trip with unknown companies, as we only work in partnership with individuals and small companies who we know personally, and have worked extensively with, so we know they instill what WWA Trips are about. Because of this we know they can deliver a standard of trip, experience and personal charm that is the core of World Wild Adventures.Each WWA Trip will have a WWA Trip Leader present on top of a local guide (where applicable) We only employ unique individuals for our trip leaders, people who live the adventure travel life and can share the passion and inspiration that is their chosen lifestyle, and we hire only the best Local guides many of whom (where possible) are females passionate about making a place in a mostly male profession.

We feel so strongly about the fact you will have an amazingly unique and wonderful trip with us that If, for profoundly obvious reasons, you have a “CRAP” Adventure through WWA (due to means within WWA’s control), we promise to do what we can to get you out on another adventure through WWA at a credited reduced cost (up to 80% of the previous trips cost carried forward).

This is our World Wild Promise.