Costa Rica C&MThis is my third great World Wild Adventure trip; this time for the Osa Yoga Retreat on the beautiful and untamed Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica…way off the usual tourist path as WWA does so well. The accommodations were excellent ……. The yoga teacher (two sessions per day) was literally world class. Coco, the Finca chef specializing in Latin American cuisine, was superb, friendly, engaging and created wonderful meals for our varying daily event schedule expertly. Martine Racette, our lovely (WWA) guide, was so bright, funny, creative and gregarious. She did a masterful job managing reservations and transportation for special tours, elaborating  a vast knowledge of local flora  and fauna, and facilitating a wonderfully friendly atmosphere among us, her guests. Not to be missed are the guided trekking for jungle animal and bird spotting into the Corcovado National Park,  body surfing or strolling on the beach, breath-taking sunsets, morning choruses of howler monkeys, drinks and meals in the Casa Grande with it’s vast view of the jungle and Pacific Ocean, kayaking in the lagoon viewing caiman, crocodiles,myriad birds and no other tourists, zip-lining the jungle canopy, and soaking up the remarkable ambiance of the jungle’s embracing warmth, insect music and vital intensity of “Pura Vida.” A great place to floss your mind and tune up your body.

Charlie Thompson


(c)JaimeSharp-5893The two week trip to Namibia in June 2013 with WWA  guided by Jaime Sharp and Stuart Goring continues to have a powerful influence on my perception of the world, and motivation for more off-the-beaten track travel that WWA does so well.  The most enduring connection I feel from the myriad adventures of this trip was from the 5 days we spent with two tribes of San from Grashoek Village east of Maroelaboom and  the Hunter Village near Tsumkwe.  I felt \”This is what I came to Africa for.\” These days with the San overshadow even the daily fare of truly remarkable encounters with myriad great and small game animals and birds of Namibia our adventurous guides brought us into countless times throughout Etosha Park and more remote sites.   The bullet-proof WWA 4WD Toyota vehicles with fold-out roof top tents and mattresses were the ideal choice allowing us a maximum of comfort, night-time safety, affordability and the option to leave the usual tourist routes behind.

WWA\’s website promised they would bring us into adventuring “to the most beautiful locations, unique itineraries and outstanding expert trip leaders, instructors and local guides, while traveling in a sustainable and beneficial way.” They totally met this promise in all respects and for this I am deeply grateful to and enduringly impressed with WWA.

Charlie Thompson


2013-07-15 13.55.42 “Thank you Jaime for making that trip happen. It was amazing and life-altering. Karin and I had the time of our lives.”

“One of my all-time favorite paddling trips. The Broughton Archipelago is simply gorgeous, our guides were great people, and we had the chance to explore so many amazing places. I can’t wait to go out again”

Andy Anderson and Karin Strelioff USA, July 2013




Jen ….A timeless experience that will stay with me always.  From nights under the Southern stars,  campfires and incredible stories aside the majestic Baobab tree, the warmth and heritage of the San bushmen to the breathtaking and precious wild animals of the Namibian pans.  My trip with World Wild Adventures allowed me the unique experience of complete escapism and a healthy dose of adventure therapy. Heartfelt thanks to my fellow travellers, my dedicated, talented and inspirational guides and to WWA for their vision of our world and relentless drive to explore. With my feet now firmly back on the coastline of Cornwall after 10 happy days under the African sun, I encourage each and every curious traveller, whatever your agenda,  to spend experiential time out in beautiful Namibia, it certainly won’t be long before I return –

Jen, Cornwall UK,  June 2013



©WWA-4589Wow, we can’t believe it has been over a week since we have been back from Desolation Sound. I just wanted to take some time to pass on a big thanks via you to our guides Jamie and Joel. Our family really enjoyed our kayak and we can’t say enough good things about our two guides. They were knowledgeable, fun, safe and made great meals. For us the trip was a ten out of ten.


Grant , Caryl, Scott and Chris, June 2011




“Thank you Jaime for organizing one of the best adventures I’ve experienced.”

“… thanks so much for bringing together such an awesome gang of travelers. It was really one of the most unexpected and amazing adventures I’ve ever been on…”


Alyssa Englund and Shannon Gullett




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I feel like that one moment when I was able to let go and just be in the moment made the whole trip something very special to me, something that changed my way of thinking and of viewing the world.”

– Rhoda M., WWA Adventurer





©WWA-9306“It brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and pain to my soul that I may never experience anything like this again. Yet that moment… led to a unique experience that subtly changed the way I perceive life and how I choose to live mine.”

– Jaime S. WWA Adventurer