Traveling by Bus from Belize City to Cancun

Here is the info from my recent trip from Belize to Cancun on the ADO system. This bus ride enabled me to save some $350 USD plus on flights.

I arrived at the Belize city bus terminal at 3pm, too make sure i got a ticket and I sat with my bags under the ADO sign and watched the colourful coming and goings.

Other people started arriving at 5pm. I was told ticket sales would be at 5 when I looked online, then was told 5.30 when I arrived, then told 6pm. They started selling at quarter to 6. By that time I was first in a line of 12. It took 5 minutes to process my ticket. I showed my passport, paid 103 belies dollars and was given 500 pesos in change that I would pay the ret of the fare on the other side of the border.
By 6pm i was waiting at gate number 5 waiting for the 7.30 departure? Despite ticket saying 6.30pm departure

Bus ended up arriving at gate 7, at around 7.10pm and we where loaded and gone by 7.30pm.
Air con was very good, though needed a blanket or jacket to stay warm to sleep. We hit the border by 10.30 pm paid 37.50 Belize exit tax, stamped out, the drove 5 minutes to stamp into Mexico, no charge on entry. We the. Walked 200 meters inloaded our personal bags and walked through a random screening check.

By 11.45pm we where back I the road, only to stop about an hour later to buy the remaining part of our ticket, for me to cancun it was $494 pesos. They would not except Belize or American dollars at This point.

I now realized the East Indian his selling the tickets at Belize bus terminal had got smart, there had be a price scratched out and marked higher to the surprise of tourist, though this was the shop owners adding their exchange rate fee on top to make sure you had enough pesos to get your onward ticket while making a convenience fee of us. Smart men, and helped us a lot even if we felt taken advantage of. This being said if you have enough pesos ($500) you only need to pay $19 Belize at the Belize bus terminal, as I calculated that they made $5 USD off us at their exchange rate.

After baggage check we loaded back up and trucked on through the night. Ultimately I arrived at 6.15am at cancun airport, so I could have caught my flight at 8.30am. However that flight was the next day so I took the same bus to the ado terminal in cancun downtown no extra charge.

Rented a $32usd hotel room, visited a dentist $60usd a filling. Then caught at $230 pesos taxi back to the airport the next day.


-Tickets sold at counter in Belize at 5.45 arrive earlier to assure seat.
-Pay only $19 Belize if you already have pesos
-otherwise pay $103 Belize (jut usd or a mixture) and get $500 Pesos change for onward ticket north of Mexican boarder (you will lose $5usd in exchange rate)
– bus come in at gate 7 just after 7pm
– bus leaves at 7.30pm sharp
– toilet onboard bus
– very cold AC bring blanket
– have 37.50 Belize (or $19usd) for exit tax
– you will arrive at airport with enough time to make 8.30 am flights (unless the bus crashes or has flat tire e.t.c.)
– This is a convenient and much cheaper way to fly in and out of Belize and Guatemala.








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