Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska

Trips By Kayak

WWA is excited to offer amazing Kayaking destinations in British Columbia and Alaska. Co-founder Jaime Sharp has an extensive background in expedition paddling and sea kayak guiding in this area, and alongside our family of Local and international guides and instructors, we offer extensive itinerary's to the most magical spots. Stay tuned for "Fly in Expeditions" coming in 2016 using folding performance kayaks fromm TRAK Kayaks and float planes.

Beautiful Broughtons Fall Trip (and Summer Bonanza Trip)

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED only 10 seats for Fall Trips and 8 seats for Summer trips. Ever wanted to paddle in a magical land of islands, mist and wondrous beasts? A place steeped in ancient culture of Animism, A place where you can explore freely and camp in stunning wilderness locations, A place where you can feel a million miles away from it all. Then this 8 day trip is for you. $1950USD    &nbs
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Custom Itinerary

Contact us for special destination or group excursions, we will help you ‘Discover Yourself There”.
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“Have you gazed on naked grandeur
where there’s nothing else to gaze on,
Set pieces and drop-curtain scenes galore,
Big mountains heaved to heaven, which the blinding sunsets blazon,
Black canyons where the rapids rip and roar?
Have you swept the visioned valley
with the green stream streaking through it,
Searched the Vastness for a something you have lost?
Have you strung your soul to silence?
Then for God’s sake go and do it”

Transcribed from The Spell of the Yukon and other Verses by Robert Service