Namibia Update: WWA is Proud to Introduce Gordon Ross as our Guest Photographic Tour Leader for our 2014 Trips

Snow Leopard

Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong nicknamed “The Snow Leopard”, is a Ghanaian Olympic Skier



I’ve been taking pictures for over 30 years now and I’m still as inspired as I ever was to take photographs  In an age when we tend to pick things up, try them for a while, and then move on, I feel extremely fortunate to have a profession that I am still deeply passionate about all these years later. The great thing about photography is that every shoot is different and that means that you are constantly learning. It’s hard to get bored in the arts.



I’ve been blessed to travel and photograph in over 90 countries and major territories. I’ve photographed countless people, diverse landscapes and some of the craziest events and happenings I could imagine. Access is one of my favorite aspects of being a pro photographer and most people are eager to help you get the shot and when they find out you’re a serious photographer all the stops come of. I’ve had access to the most remarkable vantages from helicopters, to photographing the last performance of the original cast of the band Little Feat to unlimited access at the Olympic Games. And then there are the amazing people who I get to work with—yogis, dancers, performers, athletes, bands and countless others who have enriched my life as we worked together to craft images that represent who they are and what they do.

I cut my teeth as a street photographer and it’s still one of my favorite pursuits. I love to wander down foreign streets and discover the unusual. I love to find that hidden something and discover its uniqueness amid the mundane. I love to photograph our beautiful but deeply threatened planet—its landscapes, flora, fauna and us, we confounding humans. If I had one genre to pick it would be our species. The faces and bodies of our brothers and sisters change endlessly. In an hour-long shoot with one person, I could easily get a hundred different looks; we’re that mutable.

If we mix street photography with portraiture, now we’re really shooting. There are so many awesome ways to go about it. Is it a candid shot, is it an environmental portrait or should we consider a more formal portrait but in the context of the hustle of the world outside? How do we move with a camera in a crowd? How do you lower your profile in a busy street market in Africa? This is the fun stuff and the penultimate fun is when you get home and you know that you nailed a shot; that elusive shot that you work so hard for, sometimes missing it again and again and then one day, click, you nail it and you know it’s all been worth it.Gordon-Ross-Vancouver-Islan-300x200

That’s what we hope to explore on this trip with your camera and mine. Come join me and World Wild Adventures in Namibia this October as we take you on a tour of your senses.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

Discover Yourself There this October with Gordon Ross not only get some amazing photos, but to have a trip of a lifetime. more info on our Namibia overland Journeys here

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